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AVIS Advantage

  • Corporate only.
  • No credit check with less paper work.
  • Get your corporate account opened in just a call.
  • SR 5000/30 days credit limit.
  • Quality service and Competitive rental rates.
  • E. invoicing and E. payment.
  • Online service.

Terms, Conditions & Benefits:

1-Above rates are valid within the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia till 31 December of the current year, and will remain the same unless official revised rates are provided for the period starting from 1 January of the following year.

2- Cars classified as Latest Models are the cars of the prevailing year plus later models. Cars classified as Older Models are the cars of older models than the latest ones.

3-Upon acceptance of this offer and the corporate applications is filled up, a corporate account will be assigned and established for your company, accordingly above rates will be uploaded in our computer system and will be activated kingdom wide.

4-Free kilometers are: 150kms/day, 1,120kms/week and 5,250kms/month.

5-Minimum daily rental duration is 24 hours; a fraction thereof will be applied up to 5 extra hours, above that is charged as full day.

6-Considering the convenience of the customer, AVIS vehicles are delivered with a full fuel tank, the vehicle shall be returned with a full tank in return, and any refueling will be charged at SR 0.75 per liter. The fuel rate difference from the governmental published rates is against refueling service fee.

7-Rental rates include full comprehensive insurance coverage up to SR 10,000,000 (Ten Million Saudi Riyals) per accident; it includes the car, the driver and the manufacturer's specified number of passengers. Medical expenses are not included. The driver and each passenger are covered up to SR 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Saudi Riyals) in case of death and/or permanent disability. The insurance company deductible amount per accident is as stated in the table above. However, the optional CDW (collision damage waiver) is made available to cover the accident deductible. Insurance doesn’t cover accidents that are caused due to traffic rules violations i.e. crossing red traffic lights, driving in the wrong side and driving while under drugs or alcohol…etc. In this case the renter shall bear all expenses incurred due to that accident.

8-Free service, maintenance, and fair wear & tear repairs are carried out at our workshops kingdom wide in accordance with our strict maintenance programs.

9-Free replacement vehicles of the same car group shall be made available in case of breakdowns, accidents and periodic maintenance. A replacement vehicle shall be provided if repair work takes longer than 5 working hours. Replacement vehicle shall be made available within 6 working hours in the main cities and within 24 hours in the remote areas.

10-In case of traffic accident, AVIS shall take the case right from the time of receiving the traffic police reference paper till the end, the user shall be provided with a temporary replacement according to replacement rule above.

11-Invoicing & Payment: invoices are normally issued upon closing the rental agreement during the month, or maximum at the end of each Gregorian month in case of monthly rentals, and raised in couple of days. Payment is to be made within thirty (30) days from the invoice submission date. Delay of payment for one (1) month shall be considered as violation of the agreement.

12-Corporate customer shall accept our electronic invoices as legal invoice and thereof issue the payment accordingly.

13-Corporate customer is entitled for vehicle upgrade to the next higher car group at the same rate in case of documented confirmed reservation for a car group that’s not available at arrival time, valid for 48 hours or availability of the requested car group which comes first and applicable on car groups (A to I) only.

14-All staff members are entitled for a free membership plus enjoying same rates for their personal rentals, valid for cash/c. card payments basis only.

15-Other preferred rates are available at more than 6,000 rental locations of AVIS worldwide, free international or domestic reservations can be made through our reservation offices in the country, book locally 24 hours in advance and internationally 72 hours in advance, simply contact the closest AVIS rental location or visit our website: www.avis.com.sa, or call us on our Unified Number 920028281.

16-Prices are based on car groups and purchase prices, AVIS reserves the right to add or modify car groups without prior notice.